26 April 2016

Balance Pt 4 : on the road

 With the van absolutely chocked full to the brim we Jacob and myself headed into the wilds of Regional Victoria.

Here's a time-lapse of the install (a very full 90 min condensed here into 90 seconds).

Balance Bump in from dave jones on Vimeo. Venues varied dramatically across the state, from Performing Art Centers and town halls through to  classrooms, gymnasiums and tin sheds.

And of course the running repairs. Being packed in and out of a slightly too small van on a daily basis is not great for small puppets and flakey wiring apparently.


01 December 2015

Balance : Pt3

Great set of shots of Balance during its Nati Frinj premiere season by the extremely talented Michelle McFarlane.

25 November 2015

Balance : Pt2

Just quickly, some grabs from the last rehearsal, before the Frinj festival. Edwin Irvine putting the island through its paces.

These are all screen grabs from footage shot by Jacqui Schultz (thanks Jac).

I'm off to Warrnambool for workshop and continuded development of the shop window installation with Glenn Morgan.More Balances photos once I get back (and maybe a sneak preview of the the Warrnambool project)